Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Assignment 2.

Assignment 2 is to take an object found around the home and by ADDING to it reconstruct it's shape, texture and possibly use. I have decided to add to my sons old shoe.

Elliott has grown out of his black school shoes. They are lace up leather shoes, size 3. I tried to think of unusual recyclable things. From around the house to add to this shoe and have been drying tea bags as an experiment to see if I can sew them together to cover the shoe. I have also been thinking about using paper mâché to cover the shoe and possibly as a way of fixing the tea bags as well as glue. Ever since reading this assignment I was struck with the idea of using food waste materials such as peelings but I am not sure of their shelf life and as I have to transport this assignment by post it might not be practical. This is something I will discuss with my tutor.

Since I had ditched that idea I then found some shrivelled up oranges in the fruit bowl and sliced them up. I am now drying them out on the radiator on a wire rack and will see if I can incorporate them in the design.

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