Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Course closed

I am in shock. This evening I have learned by email that the Julia Capara college of textile art with which I have been studying has closed!

With only one module to complete and one module still to be marked I am in no way near as bad situation as people who have actually begun the degree course. In terms of money I am only a little out of pocket, I had already decided not to start the degree course in September for three reasons - 1) the monetary impact at present on our family. 2) Anna is still at home all day with me and doing the pre degree has been a fantastic experience and I have learnt lots of new skills and tried lots of new ideas. I have had my mind stretched and my eyes opened. But it has been very time consuming and I have thought about it constantly, I am now able to concentrate on my family and then do my own projects in my spare time without the time constraints which will be more relaxed. 3) whilst my tutors have been great and have constantly asked me to look at things differently I have missed the human contact which one gets at college. For this reason, when I do finally try and embark on an art degree I will be applying to colleges where I can go to a site and have teachers I can have eye to eye contact with. I have made a friend on my course who I will remain in contact with but ideally if I was to go to college you would meet multiple people and would be able to build up friendships and inspirations.

However tonights news has left me feeling really shocked and sad. I feel cut adrift and whilst I am determined to carry on with my art work and my adventures in textiles I really like the pressure to deliver and having my work "marked" or constructively criticised.

So, with this in mind I have decided to complete the course myself. I have been given the final module which is all about creating a portfolio so I will be keeping my usual diary of this on the blog. I would really really welcome any constructive criticism as in the true spirit of blogging you, dear readers, can be my " tutors".

I am also going to carry on as usual with including any extra creative experiences I have or make and do on the blog. The blog title will slightly change to reflect the new way of working and hopefully encapsulate whatever new course or college I take on next. Thread wire & cloth will carry on creating.

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  1. Oh Amanda - what shocking news for you...... I'm so sorry.
    I applaud your decision to complete the course - good for you Sweetie!
    I will be following your progress with great interest - good luck with it.

  2. Good luck with whatever path you decide to follow. I feel in complete shock - I'm four years into the six year degree and feel it's all been taken away.

  3. Gina I feel so awful for you. I hope that you can continue your studies somehow and not have to go back to the beginning. I was trying to a certain whether they were going to try and get existing students to study at Middlesex itself which would obviously not be ideal for many people.

    I hope we can keep in touch. Do let me know what you do next. I am thinking of you.

  4. Aileen. I am going to expect lots of constructive criticism from you now!!

  5. Hi Alex, thanks for your kind words. I feel even more shocked this morning. Would love to meet you if you manage to come to open studios. Not sure where you are and whether you have access to a guide but I'll happily post one if you want to email me your address.

  6. Hi Gina. It's Amanda! Not surprised you have Alex on the brain though!! I will email you my address. We are local though.

    I hope you get through the day ok. I feel really sad and more in shock today too but I have only put one year into this. At least you are exhibiting and teaching already. Maybe you are well qualified already. Anyway. Let's keep in touch. Amanda x

  7. Oh my God! What an awful thing, I'm so sorry. I am sure, going by what I've seen here, that you are more than capable of carrying on for the moment on your own (to be honest, that is all any of us do once we've done the college bit) until you get the time and chance to return to a formal course.