Saturday, 18 June 2011

I'll Screen and I'll screen til I make myself sick.

Hopelessly addicted to screen printing. I am in love with another skill. I know, another one. But this is the real thing. And I can combine it and it's versatile and and and.............

This new love affair began ages ago with the photo transfer images, Lino cut prints, potato prints, and reading reading reading about screen printing. Oh the excitement.

I then visited my dear friend Jules in Cornwall and had the opportunity to try out screen printing in her studio. These are a few results.

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My wonderful, talented, inspirational friend Jules.

Elliott had a go too.

Imagine having all this glorious space........

A screen prepared with a photo image. I am hoping to go on a course to learn this properly.

Shiny happy prints.

Anyway. Completely addicted I returned home and sourced some of my own equipment which I have only begun to have a little play with so far because of the ups and downs of the course and the fact that it takes time......

Today I managed this print. This is of Elliott looking out to sea and was inspired by a photo taken on Dunwich beach. I think it would be a great image on a bag, tea towel, t - shirt or beach towel. We shall see.......

I then began on a project that has been building up in my head for some time. A picture of Henry.

I got him to do lots of poses but I loved this picture of him in my shades.

Using drawing fluid I have drawn this picture onto my screen. I am waiting for this to dry to prepare it for adding screen filler.

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