Sunday, 5 June 2011

Assignment 5. Back from holidays.

I have returned from my idyllic holiday and have managed to finish three of the six pieces for assignment five whilst on the beach.

This is the appliquéd houses in the style of Janet Bolton. I was inspired to use the photograph of the houses on the beach at Aldeburgh. Little did I know how much inspiration I would get from this photo. Having spent a happy hour learning silk screen printing I would like to get that photo put on a screen - but more of that later......

The second piece I completed on the beach was the scene from Thorpeness mere which I had pinned out in an earlier post.

The final piece is the cut through piece which is inspired by the sunset photograph.

I dyed the material by hand using Dylon dyes and different amounts of dyes and dyeing times.

The bottom photo is showing the finished cut through appliqué piece with the hand stitched boarders. The photo was not very successful as it was taken at night and the piece unfortunately has a crease as I was rushing to get this post done. I will try and post a better picture eventually!!

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