Thursday, 26 May 2011

Assignment 5. Six pieces inspired by different textile artists such as Janet Bolton and Alice Kettle.

The second part of assignment 5 is to create six pieces inspired by textile artists we have been studying. We are to use the photographs from assignment 2 for inspiration.

This is the first piece I have planned. I am going to sew it whilst on the beach on holiday next week. As we are going to the Isles of Scilly that coiuld well be in a cagoule!

It is in the style of Janet Bolton whose work I have long admired. I love the simple shapes and stitches as well as how she puts colours together. I also like the way she incorporates little found objects into her work such as buttons, shells, stones, plastic creatures or objects. I plan to add some pieces at the end of stitching.

The photo which inspired this piece Is taken on the mere at Thorpeness in Suffolk.

I will post a final picture when I have finished it.

The second piece is inspired by the work of Alice Kettle. It is a photo I took at my sons football match.

The background material is a green cotton which I dyed myself. The red is strips of ribbon and the blue is again, cotton dyed by me. I then freehand embroidered the football players on to the green after I had machine stitched in blue lines across the red and blue. This stitching gives a feeling of movement and space.

I really like this piece, the colours, the machine embroidery I think works well together.

The third piece is of the field in Aldeburgh with the amazing sunset which I did a pastel drawing of in an earlier assignment (2). The cottons are all hand dyed by me and then machine stitched onto the deep pink fabric, also dyed by me.

The photograph is on it's side in this post which is all I have available at present. I machine stitched the cowslips and the seed heads on to the fabric.

The fourth piece is using the technique of cutting through. It uses several different layers of fabric. The technique a reverse appliqué. Instead of the pieces of appliqué being laid on top if the fabric the shapes are cut through the layers of fabric. This piece is taken again from the sunset photograph and shows a cut through of the sun. The pieces will be sewn together by hand next week. I used fabrics I had dyed myself in the deep oranges and pinks of that beautiful sunset.

The fifth piece I have prepared is another appliqué. This time it is of the houses on the beach at Aldeburgh. I used this photograph in assignment two as well and have found it extremely inspirational. I will post the sewn up version next week.

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  1. Ooh all looking lovely - I really like the seedheads piece a lot. Don't know of Alice Kettle but I am a great lover of Janet Bolton's work.