Monday, 23 May 2011

Assignment 5 - words and pictures

Assignment five is one I have been really looking forward too. We look at work by Janet Bolton, Audrey Walker & Alice Kettle. All people whose work I have long admired.

First though we explore words and textiles. We are given a list of words from which we must pick four. I chose the following words:

Density. The piece I have begun for the density word is a tightly stitched machine embroidery piece. Inspired by this card which depicts the rooftops of Paris.

I have begun this piece with a black and White drawing and machine stitch.

I have begun to fill this in with colour but will unveil this when I've finished.

The next word is gathered.

Following my successful dyeing experience in assignment 3 I decided to dye a piece of cotton pink. I did it gradually. Taking out sections of the fabric gradually So that the fabric had a deep pink at one end through to a pale pink at the other end.

The fabric is then pleated and sewn loosely together. This is the gathering although I also feel that the gradual deepening of the colours is a kind of gathering too.

I then sewed three pebbles into the folds. These were wrapped in wire. This is another two types of gathering. The gathering of pebbles in what looks like folds of waves. All be it pink ones. The pebbles are also special to me as they were collected on a special day out with my family so they are also gathering memories which I think is a lovely image.

The third word I have begun to create in textiles is delicate.

The wire is strong and yet once knitted looks fragile and delicate. I like this imagery of something that we know is strong, although wire is not rigid, but in this format it is looking delicate.

The fourth word that I have chosen is structure. I was going to use wire and paper mâché to make a building ( small scale!) however I have changed tack as this is an ideal excuse to create one of my paper mâché ad wire puppets. The Bygone Veras!!

Here is the very beginning stages of the wire/paper mâché doll who has been painted. The creation will be unveiled in the next post.

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