Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Module 3 - Assignment 2 Photographs

Attached are some of the photos I am considering for assignment 2.  I have also attached some of the details that i have obtained from the square and the rectangle. I havent done the circle yet.

the photograph on the right is the original size and the left hand side is the rectangular section. This photograph was taken at dusk and I like the colours that the setting sun is throwing out.  The colour of the road  looks to me like an almost direct contrasting blue to the orange of the sun. I was thinking of making it more narrow to just encapsulate these contrasts but I like the green as well. The orange sun is the focal point but the green leads your eye to the orange and in the left hand photograph I like the fact that this is slightly to the right of centre.

The above photographs are from a football match that my son was playing in.  The colours have been enhanced on the computer and I particularly like the contrast of the green and red.  I also really like the yellow of the field in he distance.  It is quite hard to pick out a strong focal point. I did wonder if it was the yellow when I took the photo, when it was developed the green tree in the centre stood out.  The central players in red also stand out although that is because they are slightly closer to the country rather than their colour as there are plenty of other red players!  This represents Ittens law well with the contrasting colours.

With the detailed sections I have taken a section of the more dominant top half with the yellow and the bright green and the reds. I can imagine this becoming a striking machine embroidered piece and I am strongly considering using it as my considered piece for this assignment.  The other photograph which features the legs is less striking and I was disappointed that the daisies that were so prevelant in real life were not present.

The photograph I am looking at next as a potential piece is this photo of my two youngest chidren looking very unexcited about a tube ride homewards. I like the striking colours Anna is wearing against the colours of the tube seat material. The orange and blue contrast beautifully. I am drawn to that colour contrast and interestingly blue and then orange are my favourite colours ( I wonder if that means I am well balanced!!)

The section that i have taken from this photograph looks very striking with the myriad of colours.  I think this would be interesting in any medium, Machine Embroidery/painting in gouache or acrylic/ an applique piece/pastel.

This piece has so much potential I am almost decided that it will be the one to explore further.

Another photograph taken at dusk. This is the beach scene in Aldeburgh where we spend a lot of family time.  The colours of the buildings are very seasidey and I love the tones of the blues/ yellows and pinks on the houses. The photo we have here shows the sky in a striking pink colour as the sun sets. In the detailed photograph I like the juxtureposition of the coloured houses and the shingle on the beach .  If enlarged further these stones would throw up a lot of interesting colours.

This photo to the left was taken on our way home, again in Aldeburgh.The sun was bright orange in the sky.  However when you take a photograph the colour seems to leave the sun and disperses into the sky.  Among the cow parsley you can see the orange glow of the sun which my be a reflection of some sorts.  I love the pale interesting colours in this picture with the bright green of the cow parsley.

In the detailed section I love the colours of the orange sun reflection and the green of the cow parsley together with the muted colours of the landscape.  I would like to explore the potential of this photograph in textiles as well. Maybe it would lend itself to an appliqued or painted background with a machine embroidered or lino cut foreground.

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