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Module 3. Assigment 4. Artist who use textiles

Sonia Delaunay-

Jewish-French artist who with her husband Robert founded the Orphism movement noted for it's strong colours and geometric shapes. Her work included stage set design, textile design and painting.

In 1911 Sonia made her son a patchwork quilt which is now in the Musee National d'Art Moderne in Paris. This quilt uses geometry and colour.

Around the same time Cubist art works were being shown and her husband had been studying the colour theories of Michael Eugene Chevaraul, Sonia and her husband created a technique that they called " simultaneous deign".

Simultaneous design occurs when shapes or designs placed next to each other affect each other. This is similar to the theory of colour. Pontilism which was created by Georges Seurat, using primary coloured dots next to each other are mixed by the eye and affect each other.

Sophie Tauber - Arp-

Sophie Tauber- Arp was a Swiss painter, designer and dancer. She was a member of the Zurich Dada movement and was also interested in using geometric shapes. Her textile and graphic works from the 1920's are among some of the moat sophisticated of the Modernist period. They reflect an understanding of colour and form and how they relate to each other.

Judy Chicago -

Just Chicago is an artist, author & feminist. She is from Chicago and has been exhibited all over the world. She also writes books about her art and philosophy. These too have been published world wide.

She has taught along side Miriam Schapiro in the 1970's bringing together a collaboration called Womanhouse.

Her most famous piece of work is entitled The Dinner Party - it represents 1,038 women in history. 39 women are represented by place settings around the triangular table. Another 999 names are inscribed in the Heritage Floor on which the table rests Each wing of the triangle is 48 feet long.

Miriam Schapiro.

A Canadian born artist based in America. Another pioneer of feminist art. She is also part of the pattern and Decoration movement.

She created collages assembled from fabrics which she called " femmages".

Tracey Emin-

Tracey Emin, famously from Margate, Kent, England. Part of the Young British art Movement along with Damien Hirst.

Has gained mixed media exposure, not always for her art. She once appeared drunk and swearing on a live Channel 4 discussion. Tracey Emin is a painter, textile artist, often using words and phrases which are frequently mis spelled. Tracey Emin has often created debate and discussion. Not least from her Turner nominated installation - My Bed which was her own bed complete with condoms and blood stained underwear.

Often autobiographical, she has been labelled as a "triumph in feminist art." to " a purveyor of vulgarity.". Her work turns introspection into a spectacle, the piece which bought her to the forefront of the publics consciousness was a tent with the title-" Everyone I Ever Slept With. On the interior of the blue igloo tent she appliqu├ęd patches of felt letters spelling out the names of everyone she had shared a bed with. These included her mother, family friends, past lovers and her aborted foetuses.

The viewer was required to crawl into the tent to read the names which mimicked a child at play. She divulged her darkest, deepest secrets through painting, sculpture, books, poetry, photography and video.

Polly BInns-

Polly Binns describes her work as a hybrid spanning Fine Art and textiles. She is pre occupied by landscapes and likes to get out into the landscape and nature to absorb herself in it and then express the results through canvas, paints and thread.

Caroline Broadhead-

Caroline Broadhead made the move from jewellery designer to develop her practise beyond this into textiles, light and space and in collaboration with choreographers for dance performances.

Sally Greaves- Lord-

Hand painted silk banners smaller textile pieces. Fashion, theatre, window installations and, tents, exhibition designs.

Carole Waller -

Another contemporary visual artist who works with light, colour, glass, dyes, paint, she makes unique painted clothes, sculptures using glass and paints and textile hangings and installations.

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