Friday, 6 May 2011

Module 3 assignment 2. Tube journey cross section picture.

The second assignment is based on taking photographs of our surroundings, then taking a section of these photographs using a rectangular window, a circular window or a 3'square window.

In the previous post I showed you the photographs I was considering using for these cross sections. The final photographs will be explained in this blog post and the next. The first photo that I have chosen is:

Anna & Elliott on the tube train......

The section I took was through the rectangular window:

First of all I drew an A3 pastel picture of this section. This picture does not depict the whole sequence as I found it hard to condense the rectangular image onto the square paper which was a totally different dimension.

Then I decided to make a textile piece as my final conclusion for this photograph. I picked out the strong, vibrant colours and shapes and placed them in blocks on a piece of denim. This was all stitched by machine.

To unite the pieces I used a blue embroidery thread.

This is the final piece. I really like the shapes and colours and enjoy the visual impact of the blue and red ( squares) and then the red and blue (spots). The orange contrasts with the blue and the green with the red. On the right hand side I like the quieter theme of the blue denim and the brown felt. This goes well with the blue and White spots and creates a strong but quiet contrast to the brightly coloured opposite side.

I was talking in my last post about making this piece up using machine embroidery. I think this would be interesting but would take much longer than using blocks of felt as I have done. I think it would look similar to Mark Rothko's style of painting but in machine embroidery( although I have not seen him use spots!!)

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