Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Exciting Times

I am beginning this blog post with some of my latest Instagram offerings.  I have got a new app called Photoforge 2 which allows the most wonderful filters and effects. Combined with Juxtapose and it is one big addiction.  Fortunately studying for my degree and parenting four children my addiction is confined but I hope you enjoy the following photographs.

Anna walking in to the rainstorm.

Lyra in the autumn garden.

A black and white tonal drawing done for my collection of 40 for my life drawing class. Inspired by a photograph I saw on Instagram.  

The filtered image once it has been through the photoforge/ instagram process.

Anna - my sunshine.

Anna " Where shall we go today?"

Anna and Lyra. Cookie.

The following photographs are of hairclips I have made using a selection of liberty fabric, limited edition "hello kitty" liberty fabric, vintage fabric and some modern spots and florals.  They have been mounted on fabric sewn on to cards and are going to be on sale at the RA Butler christmas fair on November 11th along with my badges and a few other bits and pieces currently in development.

The following photographs are from my sketch book at university. We have been continuing with the pet  shop project and that is now culminating in us making a puppet................ 

The dog chews and toys in detail.

In the pet shop- Making a rabbit hutch.

In the pet shop

Outside the pet shop.

This picture was done at the beginning of our colour project. we had to go to a location of our choice and do a drawing and then illustrate it with two colours only.  I drew Hayley in the Elm Tree pub in Cambridge.  A lovely afternoon.

This was the beginnings of mark making and colour in the grave yard near college a couple of weeks into term.

This was done in our third week at The Fitzwilliam Museum. Tonal drawings.

One of my "drawings of Cambridge - Kings College" Using brush pens and collage.

Pen and Ink and Brush pen. Cambridge terraced houses.
This was our first project during our first week of term.

Terraced houses in Saffron Walden.  During the first week of term.

I shall be writing up the progress of my latest project including the pet shop puppet and six book covers. Plus a local comission ..................... 

Back Soon!

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