Monday, 1 January 2001

Reconstruction - assignment 1

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This can of Lemonade was cut in half with scissors and then rejoined with wire and cotton.

This lemonade can was cut into strips and then reconstructed into the words Can Can. I like things that use a play on words and phrases and lateral thinking.......

This is the reconstruction of the Persil washing powder box. The box was sewn back together using a sewing machine. I really like the feeling of the cardboard and cotton together. I also enjoy it visually.

This composition was inspired by a run down wall with graffitti or fly posters on. I like the different textures and colours that run along the "wall"

The logo is still very unrecognisable and I find this sort of thing very interesting visually. I am also curious how some logos are so striking that they hardly need representing at all and yet you still know what they are advertising. These days Mcdonalds and Coca Cola are very effective at this - previously cigarette companies such as Benson and Hedges and Marlboro were very well known for this form of advertising ( not least due to the restrictions placed on them, but it did make them more interesting!!)

I enjoy incorporating things in my work that make you remember things from the past. I enjoy nostalgia, but subtly, a button or piece of fabric with a pattern is usually enough to transport me back to a bygone era. These things are often not obvious to other people, I am sure they have their triggers too, but I find I am seeking these pieces of comfort every day.

This is a piece from a John Lewis bag which I cut into strips and then crocheted back together. I think if I spent longer on this and used a thinner bag the effect would be quite striking. I am going tom try knitting a stripped bag too.

These are a jumble of melted and resculpted crisp and sweet packets. They were cooked in the oven and then moulded together.

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