Monday, 1 January 2001

Further adventures of a courseless maker.........

Undeterred and feeling free I have continued having adventures and experiments..

I decided to finish my course off myself. This would mean completing the last part of module 3 which was a final considered piece. This piece was to be inspired by things we had learnt and studied in the module.

I have really enjoyed the machine embroidery and of course the dyeing techniques I have learnt on this part of the module and so decided to incorporate those two skills in the considered piece.

We have just returned from a wonderful holiday in the isles of Scilly and I was inspired, as ever by my family and one series of photographs in particular that my husband took while we were waiting for a boat.

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I used these pictures to come up with the following sequence:

I drew these pictures and then machine embroidered them onto White cotton.

Given that the original brief was colour I had fully intended to dye parts of the cotton for some colour interest. However I thought the pictures look striking in black and White so I left them. Not least as I was no longer under the confines of a brief if I didn't want!!

Following a slight glimmer of hope that we might get some help to finish our course I coloured the first one in. With machine embroidery. I was not thrilled by the results though so didn't colour any more. Then the hope was snuffed out and we were advised to finish our portfolio to apply elsewhere.

I had received such a good response from friends and family about these pictures I am going to frame them. I have opened an etsy shop called Bygone Veras which will be their first port of call.

This week has been very busy in an online network way. Ive joined ravelry and am taking part in the saffron walden knitted maze. This is also going to hopefully result in joining a knitting group..........

I have also joined the Saffron Walden arts trust and will hopefully be eventually exhibiting in the Riverslade art gallery when I have got some things framed and ready for perusal.

So, at present I am being home tutored by myself and networking where I can. I am not applying for further courses yet as I want to see how much I can develop myself.

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  1. These machine sketches are fabulous!