Thursday, 24 February 2011

Module 2 assignment 1 - Value Family - Family Values Part 2

The next stage of my development of the family values piece includes some addition of black permanent marker pen outlines around saying Value Family and Family Values again.

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This looks interesting and I like the contrast. It actually forces you to look closer at the pictures rather than not being able to see them which is what I thought would happen! I did not block the black pen in as I wanted to be able to still the photos behind even if they now have black lines on them.

The other picture with the Apple of my Eye writing has had apples chalked in White pastel added all over the photographs. These were just outlines as well - I am finding it much harder, mentally, to draw over the top of photographs of my family (even though they are just photocopies) than I would with any other images.

The reason I have not used very many images of other peoples art work or magazines is two fold. The first is that in magazines it's proved actually quite hard to find any black & White photographs, and the second reason is that with the Internet at ones disposal you can find ANY image within seconds that you require. I find this overwhelming - I feel like there is too much choice which can make your mind go blank. Also if I use my images then it's all my own work ( except for the Snoopy images and Ruth Orbach drawings) and cannot be easily found anywhere else.

The picture below shows the original lay out.

I took the plunge next with bold black pastel graffiti style words on top of the apples. I used pastel as I had done with the apples. It was psychologically easier to do this rather than paint which seems more suffocating to the pictures. The pastel is chalky and as the whole thing is based on cardboard which is a bit bumpy it has now got lots of texture!

I am in two minds as to whether I like the black words- We Live Like This written over the apples and photographs. It fits the brief and does cause contrast and tonal changes but I'm not that keen on the actual final look of it. I think that is because of who is lurking underneath!

I actually prefer these photographs to the finished piece! But that's ok as the next task is to take a section through the Apeture and draw the section so the indication is good that I might like those pictures!!

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