Monday, 7 March 2011

Assignment 2:3

Photographs in black and White inside and outside. With different contrasts in tones and shades and light.

My sister and I went with two of her children and Anna to the beautiful Bridge End Gardens which is an area in our town that has been lovingly restored to the glorious victorian garden that it once was. The gardens have a maze and a vegetable garden as well as a series of box hedges that lead to an ornamental fish pond. The whole area is really well maintained and seemed the ideal backdrop to my pictures using shadows and light and dark.

This picture shows my sister on the viewing tower in the centre of the maze. I like the shadow cast from the standing stone at the centre of the maze and the black of the steps and platform against the leylandii hedge of the maze Walls.

This was whilst walking in the maze and I like the contacting line between dark and black.

I love the shadows from the trees and the bright White light that is coming through the trees.

I love the shafts of sunlight break in through the branches of the cedar tree which dominates this garden.

This picture is more about the dark green of the had sculpture in box against the lighter green of the tops of the maze wall.

Wonderful shafts of sunlight pouring down over Suzie as she goes through a gateway.

Anna and the stand in stone compare shadows at the centre of the maze.

Finally, my favourite photograph which was walking away from Bridge End Gardens and up a little passageway leading to the Fry Art Gallery. The side I was standing on is sheltered by trees and it was wonderful to see the sunshine through the gate way inviting us through.

The next series of photographs are the ones I took inside to show different light tones and shadows.

I like the different tones and shades in this picture. The window sill is clearly defined by the White wood but behind we have a darker view if a White window frame if the back door going out to the garden where the sun is shining.

I also like the White of the soap dish and candle.

This lamp is one of my favourite items in our house. It is a 1930's metal and Bakelite base with a glass globe light. Here the light appears huge and almost exploding thus illuminating the little ornament of the dog and the picture above the mantlepiece.

We are fortunate to have large sash windows ( although unfortunate when you realise how much hot air escapes through them!). Anyway for this purpose they are wonderful. In this photograph I am showing the light coming through the window and the darkness inside the living room.

This same window lightens up the mantlepiece which is a black metal with a striking black vase on top.

In this picture our kettle was unusually clean and sparkly and reflected the light of of it beautifully. It contrasts well against the black granite work surface, the grey glass surround and the White leads from all the gadgets that make our existence run smoothly.

I had to sneak them in somewhere. I love bears as ornaments, especially stately old bears. The one on the right has been mine since birth and he now graces this window sill up high in the kitchen with his new friend who is an old bear I got from a friends sale. He is also old and they complement each other well. In this photo they are accompanied by. Mouse whonis usually among Annas soft toy collection. I can only imagine he was rescued from the jaws of the dog and put there for safe keeping.

Anyway I like the tines and shades of the bears and the checked blind as well as the contrast with the sunlight coming through. I don't like the bush outside and coincidently it is being removed tomorrow and replanted at my mothers house. Maybe I will re photograph the site then.

The other part of this assignment was to make an image transfer of a picture using a photocopy of a photograph and some acrylic gel. The process is very simple and very effective. I had two practice runs with pictures I will use for another project. One was on beige linen, the otherbon a rose patterned piece of liberty fabric.

This is of Anna

This is an old photograph of my Dad and his brother and sister on a log.

I then made a series of small photo transfers to use in assignment six.

The final considered piece I did for assignment 3 was the gateway through to the Fry Art Gallery to which I added a stitched outline of a duck. The duck appears to be coming through the gateway. There are no ducks in the garden but I think they would look very at home.

I think this image looks very effective and striking. My husband compared the image transfer to Rothko's work. I'm not sure what Rothko would make of the addition of a duck but I think he blends in well and lends a depth and perspective to the picture.

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  1. If Rothko had not already killed himself I think that the duck would have sent him over the edge.