Friday, 11 March 2011

Assignment 5 -lino printing

I have always wanted to try lino printing and so was very pleased to find that assignment 5 invites us to do just that. We were able to use any medium we wanted for the piece for example - rubber, polystyrene,wood, cardboard(varnished), potato or lino.

The initial preparation involved obtaining some lino and some cutting tools then I drew my first design onto the lino and begun cutting.

This was great fun, very smooth feel to it and quite easy to control the knife. However I soon became complacent and forgot the 'golden rule' -always cut away from you.

This was the resulting disaster which got steadily worse.........

Anyway the final first lino cut looked like this.

This is my attempt at a minimalist representation - this picture represents the picture of my father and his brother and sister sitting on a log pretending to be horse racing.

This is one of the photographs I used or the image transfer on to fabric as well. It is one of my favourites for various reasons, the people, the composition and the fact that I think it gives a funny indication of the characters of the three children in the photo. Very special.

This is the page of the printed lino cut print using black ink.

The second and third represent something that grows from the second assignment.

Flowers in a vase

This picture is upside down. My iPad won't allow me to rotate it so you will have to turn it yourself. Or stand on your head!

These are leaves on a stalk. I love the effect of the lines that were able to take the ink in the background. I am really really enjoying lino cut and even though I have kept the shapes very simple at the moment I have big plans for a more in depth scene.

Also, as I just said, I am really enjoying the extra parts that you learn to plan such as different depths of the cutting technique to get these extra lines and areas of interest.

The next one I did was a dog. I am slightly obsessed with dogs, this is a Scottie dog like my friend Rachels. I have even tried to add texture to his coat - without drawing blood! I like English Setters best even though our dog is a wire haired dachshund ( he is wonderful too, and given my husbands extreme indifference to dogs I am very happy to have Jumble!)

Both of those would make an interesting lino cut shape. I have not really included dogs in my work yet but they are a huge part of my life and so I am determined to get them in somewhere!! ( This is quite a good reflection on my real life!!!)

The final one is a piece saying ' you are my sunshine' my favourite phrase and one I used in assignment 2. It was quite fun writing back to front and the result was very pleasing.

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  1. Ooh, you're printing too! You went one better than me, cutting your own lovely blocks - am feeling a bit competetive now, especially as your registration is so neat. :)