Monday, 18 April 2011

Colours :3

The next episode of the coloured pages was to add a textured coloured piece in the same colour tones as the original. They could be any texture but no more than 4 inches all round. They were to form an intense focal point.

This intense collection of flower shapes was created by needle felt which, if you read my blog a lot you will know I use this method a lot.

The colours are from the "Rich" piece and attempt to add a focal area.

I think it worked best in the second picture when it is just dipping into the already focal centre piece. It draws your eye slightly right which I like in this otherwise distracting piece.

At the other end of the scale is the calm piece where I have made a little appliqu├ęd square in the style of the brush strokes and in similar calm colours. I have used a variety of textures such a felt, linen, webbing, and cotton. It is all machine stitched on. I really like this piece and feel that the focal point adds an interesting dimension.

In the bold/ space piece I have added a piece of green felt whose colour is midway between the two greens already in use. I have then attempted to machine embroider similar style stitches to the piece of felt and I have stitched vertically in grey to add in the newsprint.

I like the effect of this piece and I really love machine embroidery. My favourite machine embroidery artist is Linda Miller. Her work is very colourful and inspirational. I was lucky enough to see some of her work at the Smile exhibition and it always brightens your day!

For the warm squares I made a smaller square in lines of the colours in pastel. This is probably my favourite medium to draw with and I adore the colours created. The trouble with this piece being so bright was to pin down an image to use. I also made another in pastel to see what other shapes would look like.

I must say I prefer the first one but I do like this one too for an alternative shape style!

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