Monday, 18 April 2011

Needle felt adventures

My needle felt ladies are taking off! I have had orders for them which I am trying to complete and finished one this morning for a birthday present for Donna. This means this blog will be posted late but hey ho.

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This is she. I have called them collectively All the Better to See you With.

The needle felt horse now has a sturdy rump and middle. So this is a long on going project but that's ok as the rest of the little kingdom that she will live in is shaping up nicely in paper mâché and on paper in my sketch book.

In fact since writing this post she is now finished so Ladies and Gentlemen this is Ivy. She is going to be a kind of Nigella Lawson of the horse world....

For someone so static she is remarkably hard to photograph as she is compact and dark. I hope you can get an idea of her. I am keeping the rest of the plan under wraps for now.........

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