Monday, 18 April 2011

Still Life

The last part of 1:3 is to draw a still life of objects of one colour ( mainly)

My charcoal drawing has begun like this.

The jug is the wrong shape and in real life I have rectified that on the drawing. I have begun to add a colour wash onto the background. I am using my Dads watercolour paints and I am pleased to report that he has a complete spectrum of the six paints we were advised to use to make your basic set. I am also using brand new brushes which he had bought to use at an art class he and mum were attending together. I am sure he would be pleased they were being used. I dedicate this still life piece to my Dad.

Hopefully I will have time to add the colour tomorrow. I shall keep you posted. Got to get some White watercolour paint, no mean feat in our town with a pushchair in tow. Luckily I might have a boy or two on hand to help as they are still on the Easter holidays!

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