Wednesday, 14 September 2011

The greatest invention ever made.............

I have a new love. And it's circular. Badges are my new obsession and I have sold quite a few already before I have even prepared myself properly which is great.

These badges are in a variety of designs. Collage, fabric, word collage, sewn on people, maps. All of life is here.

The best way to show them is in photo form :

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These are the designs I have photographed so far...... Many more will be available on etsy. I am waiting for some postcards to arrive which I have designed to mount them on so the finished product should look great.

I have also completed two collages for a friends birthday. These were made using found pictures cut out and stuck on to a screen printed background.

The following collages are created using drawing, graph paper and found papers.

The following pictures are photo college pictures using a few apps on my iPhone.

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