Wednesday, 14 September 2011

New beginning

Today has been my first day at University - taking part in various seminars during Freshers Week. The real work begins on Monday afternoons for me and all day every Tuesday and I can't wait to get started. Today was interesting. Not least because I managed to go to a lecture aimed at MA students having previously been tipped off by my friend Trudi who is studying the MA in Childrens Illustration.

The lecture was by Oliver Jeffers who is a wonderful childrens illustrator who has created such gems as Lost and Found and The Heart in a Bottle. The talk was Beautifully illustrated, as you might expect and was wonderfully descriptive and very funny. Oliver is such an engaging Man and it was such a treat to sit there with my new friend Hayley listening to this talk. I felt really proud and fortunate to be in this lecture hall at University. It was a wonderfully inspirational feeling.

The other parts of the day were filled with lectures and talks about our timetables and how everything all fits together. This was all interesting and valuable information and it was lovely to meet some of the other students who I am sure I will get to know better as we continue into our studies. Hayley is the other part time student on my course and fortunately we got along really well and I'm really looking forward to spending the next few years with her.

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